The Deadly Risks Construction Workers Face

Construction workers take risks on a daily basis. Dangerous tasks that include working at significant heights and operating heavy machinery mandate the highest standards of safety in work environments. On far too many occasions, injuries occur that are often career-ending if not fatal.

At the Law Office of Michael B. Walsh, P.C., we represent hardworking construction professionals throughout Massachusetts injured by:

  • Poorly maintained construction sites
  • Elevator malfunctions
  • Machinery malfunctions
  • Failure/poor maintenance of safety devices

Construction Accidents May Require More Than A Workers' Comp Claim

Defective equipment and trip-and-falls can cause a wide range of injuries from torn ligaments to broken bones. Other forms of accident carry more severe consequences that include paralysis and death. If they are able, a worker should immediately report an injury the moment something goes horribly wrong. From there, supervisors should document the accident. A workers' compensation claim is the next step.

However, recovering compensation may not end with that process. Many construction accidents are caused by the negligence of contractors, subcontractors, and equipment and scaffolding manufacturers. Injured workers may need to contact an attorney as soon as possible to pursue a third-party personal injury claim.

At the Law Office of Michael B. Walsh, P.C., we recognize that no two claims are the same. All construction accidents have unique factors that resulted in catastrophic, life-changing events. We treat each case individually and provide personalized representation.

The Severity Of Construction Accidents Requires Immediate Legal Help

From the moment, we take on your claim, we remain at your side, fighting for the best possible outcome. Contact personal injury lawyer Michael B. Walsh in Boston. Call 617-523-3200 or send us an email.