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Motorcyclist suffers serious injury after auto accident

Riding a motorcycle is a popular activity at this warmer time of year. Many motorcycle enthusiasts here in Massachusetts delight in the sense of freedom they get from riding their motorbikes. However, this fun mode of transportation carries additional risks that other motorists simply do not face. Even when a motorcyclist takes all proper precautions, he or she is still susceptible to serious injury and even fatality during any kind of auto accident. A recent accident that seriously injured one motorcycle rider shows the potential danger all too well.

Police say that the crash happened on a recent afternoon on a state route. A motorcyclist was heading south when, according to authorities, he was struck by a car turning left. A police sergeant reported that the driver of the car claimed not to have seen the motorcycle right away, but tried to avoid a collision by speeding up upon spotting the motorbike.

Motorcycle rider seriously injured in car accident

A motorcycle may be a fun mode of transportation, but it is also one that carries increased risk to the operator. When a motorcycle is involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle, the rider may end up more seriously injured than he or she would have in a crash between two cars. This is likely what happened in a recent car accident here in Massachusetts involving an SUV and a motorcycle that left the rider with severe injuries.

Police say that the crash happened on a recent late afternoon when a southbound motorcycle on a state route was struck by an SUV making a left turn. The SUV, which was heading north, allegedly turned into a parking lot and the motorcycle ran into it. The motorcycle rider, who was wearing a helmet, had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. Officials say the man suffered life-threatening injuries but is currently in stable condition.

Airline passenger suffers dog bite from emotional-support animal

Many people here in Massachusetts rely on emotional-support animals for comfort and other therapeutic benefits. They are often life-saving for their companions and allow their humans to do activities they might not otherwise be able to do. However, there have been some owners who misuse the "emotional-support" designation or who haven't had their animals properly trained. One man who was attacked by an emotional-support dog on a flight recently filed a civil claim against the dog's owner and the airline after he suffered a serious dog bite.

The plaintiff claims that he was seated next to the window and that another man, one of the defendants, was seated in the middle seat. The defendant allegedly had a large dog seated in his lap. The plaintiff says that he asked if the dog might bite and that the defendant stated that it would not. Reportedly, the dog started growling and shifting in the defendant's lap when the plaintiff fastened his seat belt. Once again, the plaintiff says that he asked if the dog would attack and was reassured that it would not.

Premises liability suit filed after customer injured by mannequin

Slip-and-trip hazards exist in all kinds of retail stores. Anyone who suffers an injury while out shopping might have grounds to file a personal injury claim under Massachusetts premises liability laws. These laws mandate that store owners must exercise a reasonable level of care to ensure reasonably safe premises that are free of hazardous conditions or hidden dangers.

A lawsuit was recently filed in another state following an incident in which a display mannequin in Men's Warehouse toppled over and fell on top of a customer. According to the complaint, the store was negligent in failing to anchor the bases of mannequins securely to prevent them from falling over. The plaintiff asserts that the psychological and emotional trauma she has suffered is ongoing, and so is the embarrassment, inconvenience, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Fatal car accident results in multiple charges for driver

A car crash can change someone's life in the blink of an eye. It can leave scars that are emotional as well as physical. For anyone who loses a loved one to a car accident, it can be difficult to understand how such a tragedy could happen. If the collision involved a driver who driving in an unsafe manner, that often amplifies the hurt and pain. Massachusetts police allege that this is exactly what happened in a recent crash that took the life of one person and injured another.

Authorities say that the incident happened on a recent late night when a man was speeding in East Boston. He allegedly struck several parked cars and then ran into a cement planter in the center of the road. This impact apparently caused the vehicle to roll onto its roof. A passenger in the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene, while another was taken to an area hospital.

Slip and fall leaves woman with numerous injuries

Here in Massachusetts, most businesses want to ensure that their properties are safely maintained. However, that doesn't mean that every company does its due diligence to keep people from being hurt. One woman from out of state says that this is exactly what happened to her when she suffered a slip and fall late last year. She wants the two businesses at that location held responsible for what she says was their inaction.

The woman claims that the incident happened last year when she was shopping for Christmas with her daughter. She alleges that there is a curb behind two local businesses, a theater and a bank, that is not clearly marked. The woman says when she tripped and fell, she hit her face, causing her to lose some teeth, suffer gashes and serious bleeding from her mouth, nose, back and legs.

Auto accident can be caused by load falling off vehicle

When most people think of a car crash, they think of two vehicles hitting one another or perhaps a car crashing into a pedestrian or cyclist. Massachusetts police are warning the public that there is another dangerous cause for car crashes. This type of auto accident happens when a load being hauled by one vehicle falls off and strikes a person or another vehicle.

Authorities say that this type of incident happened recently on a state highway. A pickup truck driver allegedly neglected to properly secure the ladder he was hauling. The ladder fell off of the truck and struck a man on a motorcycle, resulting in serious injury. Authorities fined the truck driver for operating with an unsecured load.

6-year-old boy suffers dog bite

When an animal attacks a person, it can leave everyone involved questioning exactly what happened. Was the animal to blame? Did the injured victim do anything to cause the incident? What does Massachusetts law say should happen to the animal after such a tragedy? The family of one young boy in another state is likely grappling with questions like these and many more after they say he suffered a dog bite from a neighborhood dog.

The parents of the boy said they had left their children outside to play, not realizing any danger might be present. They heard screaming, causing the father to run back outside to determine what was happening. He says he found his 6-year-old son running away from a neighbor's dog that then jumped the boy and repeatedly bit him. The father said the boy was bleeding in several places with several bite marks on his legs.

Plea change in fatal motorcycle accident

Motorcycle enthusiasts often talk about the sense of freedom they feel when riding their vehicles. They also surely know of the associated risks that can come with this type of activity. The impending warm weather means that many more motorcycle riders will be taking to the open road. They have less protection than occupants of passenger vehicles, and because of this, they tend to suffer much more serious injuries if a crash occurs. This was the case in a fatal motorcycle accident here in Massachusetts a while back, and now the man being blamed has changed his plea in the criminal case against him.

The crash happened when a motorcyclist was killed after a truck driver swerved into his lane. The truck hit the motorcycle head-on and the rider died at the scene. Authorities claim that the truck driver was driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol content that was over twice the legal limit.

Animal bite: Loose dog attacks children and an adult

People here in Massachusetts who own pets generally love them and often consider them to be members of the family. Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean that domesticated animals won't ever attack anyone. An animal bite can result in serious injuries and, in extreme cases, even prove fatal. Authorities are currently investigating a case in which a dog bit several children and one adult, and they are trying to determine why the animal attacked.

The incident happened on a recent morning in another state. A German shepherd got away from its owner while on a walk and ran to several different businesses. Authorities say that the dog went into a middle school and a supermarket but did not bite anyone before leaving both places. It was first reported in a nearby fast food restaurant parking lot. The restaurant is across the street from a middle school.


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