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Boy taken to local hospital after dog bite

People who own pets here in Massachusetts frequently treat them like members of the family. However, as much as people love their furry friends, pets can cause significant harm to people, property or even other pets. If that happens, the responsibility generally falls on the owner of the pet. This is what one pet owner is facing after a young boy in another state suffered a serious dog bite.

Authorities report that a 9-year-old boy, playing in his neighborhood, was bitten by a dog that got away from the person walking it. Police allege that the dog chased the boy and bit his arm before the boy's father was able to pull the dog away from the boy. The boy was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

Premises liability: How to prevent a fall

A fall can happen to almost anyone and may result in serious injury. Sometimes, this kind of accident can happen because a business failed to take proper safety measures to keep the public safe. A slip-and-fall victim may decide to pursue a premises liability claim to offset the cost of an injury or other related expenses. However, most people hope they never have to make that choice. There are several ways to prevent falls that almost anyone can implement that may help Massachusetts residents keep themselves safe.

Estimates say that senior citizens are particularly susceptible to falling, with more than three million people per year going to the emergency room because of a fall. That translates to a quarter of adults older than 65 having a fall each year. However, getting older doesn't automatically mean that a person will experience a fall. Seniors are more likely to have changes in their vision or hearing, lose flexibility or have a medical condition that makes losing one's balance more likely. Resulting injuries may be minor or very serious, including fractures to the spine or hip.

2 pedestrians injured in a vehicle accident

As the weather cools off, more and more people are out walking for exercise, transportation or just to have fun. Though most pedestrians are cautious when they are near traffic, they can't always count on motorists to do the same. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents since they do not have the same protection that occupants of cars have. This is what Massachusetts authorities are dealing with after two people were injured in a vehicle accident, one of them seriously.

According to police the incident happened on a recent evening on a state route when two adults were attempting to cross the street with two children. A car apparently struck the two adults. One, a woman, suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. The other pedestrian, a man, was also injured but officials say he will recover. The children were not hurt in the crash.

Nearly $1.5M awarded in dental office premises liability claim

People have a reasonable expectation of safety in every place of business they encounter. This includes where they work. When an employee here in Massachusetts is injured on the job, he or she might be able to make use of workers' compensation to cover some of the costs related to the injury. However, there are times when the incident is the fault of the property owner, which could be addressed separately with a premises liability claim. This is what one out of state jury determined when they awarded a woman almost $1.5 million after she was injured by a slip and fall where she worked.

The woman worked as a dental assistant in a medical center. According to her representatives, a few years ago, water from a leaking sprinkler system caused her to slip and fall. She said she suffered a severe back injury and needed multiple surgeries. None of them were able to fix her injury and she can no longer work.

Wayne Newton sued in animal bite claim

People who own pets often say that they are like members of the family. While that sentiment is understandable, the fact remains that pets can still cause damage to property and other people. Massachusetts families may be interested in a recent animal bite case that made headlines. Entertainer Wayne Newton is being sued over a claim that his pet monkey bit a teenage girl who was touring his home.

The incident apparently happened a couple of years ago. The plaintiff, the mother of the girl, says that she and her daughter had been invited to see Newton's mansion as part of a tour. A capuchin monkey that was not in a cage or on a leash was part of the tour. It allegedly attacked and bit the teenager on her wrist, necessitating emergency hospital treatment.

Teen twins on bikes injured in a vehicle accident

Though it's nearing the end of summer, lots of kids in Massachusetts are still enjoying time outdoors on their bicycles. Most parents have talked with their kids about the potential increased risk that bike riders of all ages face, but that doesn't always keep young people safe. One family is dealing with that very fact after two teenage twin boys were injured in a vehicle accident while riding their bikes.

The brothers were riding with some friends on a recent afternoon when, according to officials, they were struck by an SUV as they crossed an intersection. One brother had to be airlifted to Boston for treatment of serious injuries. The other boy went to a local hospital, but has been released.

Woman awarded almost $2 million in premises liability claim

People trust that when they go into a place of business here in Massachusetts, the owner or manager will ensure that it is reasonably safe for customers. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, as some businesses fail to properly address safety issues that can result in serious injury. This is what one jury recently decided in a premises liability case in another state where a woman slipped and fell in a convenience store, suffering permanent injury.

The incident happened a few years ago, but the ruling was just issued. A woman said that she was at the convenience store to buy sodas. A puddle of water formed in front of an ice bin and she slipped on it and fell. Her husband had to take her to an emergency room that evening where doctors found two herniated discs in her neck, a full tear in her rotator cuff, injury to her lumbar spine and nerve damage to her right wrist. She has had two surgeries with one more scheduled and also required 30 months of physical therapy, and other treatment.

Motorcyclist suffers serious injury after auto accident

Riding a motorcycle is a popular activity at this warmer time of year. Many motorcycle enthusiasts here in Massachusetts delight in the sense of freedom they get from riding their motorbikes. However, this fun mode of transportation carries additional risks that other motorists simply do not face. Even when a motorcyclist takes all proper precautions, he or she is still susceptible to serious injury and even fatality during any kind of auto accident. A recent accident that seriously injured one motorcycle rider shows the potential danger all too well.

Police say that the crash happened on a recent afternoon on a state route. A motorcyclist was heading south when, according to authorities, he was struck by a car turning left. A police sergeant reported that the driver of the car claimed not to have seen the motorcycle right away, but tried to avoid a collision by speeding up upon spotting the motorbike.

Motorcycle rider seriously injured in car accident

A motorcycle may be a fun mode of transportation, but it is also one that carries increased risk to the operator. When a motorcycle is involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle, the rider may end up more seriously injured than he or she would have in a crash between two cars. This is likely what happened in a recent car accident here in Massachusetts involving an SUV and a motorcycle that left the rider with severe injuries.

Police say that the crash happened on a recent late afternoon when a southbound motorcycle on a state route was struck by an SUV making a left turn. The SUV, which was heading north, allegedly turned into a parking lot and the motorcycle ran into it. The motorcycle rider, who was wearing a helmet, had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. Officials say the man suffered life-threatening injuries but is currently in stable condition.

Airline passenger suffers dog bite from emotional-support animal

Many people here in Massachusetts rely on emotional-support animals for comfort and other therapeutic benefits. They are often life-saving for their companions and allow their humans to do activities they might not otherwise be able to do. However, there have been some owners who misuse the "emotional-support" designation or who haven't had their animals properly trained. One man who was attacked by an emotional-support dog on a flight recently filed a civil claim against the dog's owner and the airline after he suffered a serious dog bite.

The plaintiff claims that he was seated next to the window and that another man, one of the defendants, was seated in the middle seat. The defendant allegedly had a large dog seated in his lap. The plaintiff says that he asked if the dog might bite and that the defendant stated that it would not. Reportedly, the dog started growling and shifting in the defendant's lap when the plaintiff fastened his seat belt. Once again, the plaintiff says that he asked if the dog would attack and was reassured that it would not.


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