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Boston thinking about lowering the speed limit

How big of dangers pedestrians face when out on the roads is affected by many things. This includes how fast the vehicles around them are going.

So, what the speeds limits are in pedestrian-heavy areas is a very important issue.

In 2017’s opening month, the speed limit here in Boston was brought down from 30 mph to 25 mph. The city is now looking into possibly reducing the speed limit again.

Specifically, dropping the limit down to 20 mph is being considered. The possibility of such a drop was discussed in a Boston City Council committee hearing that was held earlier this week. Proponents of such a change argue it would reduce the likelihood of pedestrian accidents resulting in deaths.

As a note, the state legislature’s approval would be needed to do an across the board drop of the city’s speed limit to 20 mph.

What do you think of this proposal? Do you think the speed limit in Boston should be lowered again? What do you think are currently the biggest pedestrian safety risks in the city? What sort of things do you feel would most help keep pedestrians in the city safe?

How closely drivers obey the given speed limit in an area has big implications for pedestrians in that area. Speeding can create risks of serious pedestrian accidents. When pedestrians experience life-changing injuries due to the conduct of speeding drivers, it can be important for such accident victims to promptly look into their legal options related to pursuing monetary relief.

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