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Chance of a distracted driving car accident higher at Christmas

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Massachusetts, and it is one of the most significant safety concerns for motorists in the state and across the country. Despite most drivers being well-aware that distraction is risky and greatly increases the chance of a car accident, people still engage in this dangerous behavior. The problem of distracted driving only increases during the busy holiday season.

There is data to suggest that drivers are more likely to look at Facebook, answer a text or check social media during the holiday season. In fact, a recent study suggests that distraction may jump by as much as 33 percent during this time of year. One reason for this is that more people are traveling during this season, and they may be more likely to check in and send texts about their status and expected arrival time.

There are new phone applications and advances in technology that can allow the phone to track the way a person is driving, including distracted driving, speeding and other dangerous behaviors. This is one way for parents to see how their kids are driving. These programs also allow drivers to check their own driving and see where they may be engaging in dangerous behaviors without realizing it.

There are laws against distracted driving, yet people continue to pick up their phones while driving. When a person's negligent or reckless actions cause a car accident resulting in injuries, the victim may have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim in order to recoup financial losses. During this time of increased distracted driving, Massachusetts readers will want to remain cautious and vigilant when traveling and holiday shopping.

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