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Man facing multiple charges after dog bite incident

People here in Massachusetts and all over the country have pets, and usually they are considered part of the family. Pet owners might assume that their beloved pet would never hurt anyone, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Owners are expected to take responsibility for their dog or other pet if it bites someone unprovoked and causes any injury. A recent out-of-state incident highlights exactly what can happen in a dog bite case.

A man is now facing multiple charges after his dog allegedly bit a young child. The incident happened on an evening in November last year, though the criminal charges were recently filed. The man is accused of several misdemeanors, including cruel treatment to animals, failure to quarantine and violation of owner duties. The child in this case was 4 years old, and the dog is reportedly a pit bull terrier.

Authorities allege that the man let the dog go after the attack occurred, and they have not had any reports of sightings of the dog. Neighbors say they haven't seen the dog at the man's residence since the biting incident. The man is also accused of failing to give any proof that the dog had received required vaccinations.

As much as many people love their furry and faithful companions, a dog bite can still happen. Owners may not just face criminal charges -- they can face financial accountability in a civil claim as well if it is found that the dog attacked someone without provocation. An experienced attorney can best advise dog bite victims in Massachusetts regarding their legal options.

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