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Police warn flying snow and ice can cause motor vehicle accidents

Normally, when the subject of car crashes comes up, it brings to mind thoughts of reckless or intoxicated motorists. However, Massachusetts police are warning of another possible catalyst for motor vehicle accidents – flying snow and ice. Officers recently spent a great deal of time warning drivers of the possible risks.

Authorities say that several recent car accidents have been caused by snow and ice flying off of vehicles that were not properly cleaned before being driven. The recent major snow storm and the rising temperatures that followed it created ice on several vehicles. That ice can fly off of one vehicle and hit another, causing damage and raising the possibility of an accident. The police dispensed several warnings to drivers of vehicles they thought could pose this kind of threat. Many motorists were reportedly unaware of any danger.

In one instance, ice flew off of a tractor trailer and smashed the windshield of a car. The driver said the debris hit her car so forcefully she thought it might come right into her car, potentially injuring her in the process. The police officer who assisted the driver had just completed a report regarding another motorist with the exact same problem.

The authorities insist that they are only trying to prevent motor vehicle accidents and raise awareness by issuing these warnings. Despite their efforts, the danger is still present. Anyone here in Massachusetts who has been the victim of a car crash because of another driver's failure to clear snow and ice from his or her vehicle has certain rights. An attorney with experience litigating personal injury cases can offer advise and guidance to anyone in this situation.

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