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Animal bite: Loose dog attacks children and an adult

People here in Massachusetts who own pets generally love them and often consider them to be members of the family. Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean that domesticated animals won't ever attack anyone. An animal bite can result in serious injuries and, in extreme cases, even prove fatal. Authorities are currently investigating a case in which a dog bit several children and one adult, and they are trying to determine why the animal attacked.

The incident happened on a recent morning in another state. A German shepherd got away from its owner while on a walk and ran to several different businesses. Authorities say that the dog went into a middle school and a supermarket but did not bite anyone before leaving both places. It was first reported in a nearby fast food restaurant parking lot. The restaurant is across the street from a middle school.

A group of three children got bitten by the dog on their way to the school. A sanitation worker saw the incident and attempted to intervene and help the kids, throwing garbage at the dog to get it to leave them alone. He alleges that the dog was acting as though it was rabid. The owner of the dog caught it inside the middle school. At this time, law enforcement is still investigating and hasn't filed any charges.

Though most people want to think the best of any animal, this incident seems to show that pets can turn on people, endangering them. Those here in Massachusetts who have suffered an animal bite may wish to file a personal injury claim against any parties deemed responsible. A successfully-litigated claim can result in monetary damages that can be used to cover costs associated with this kind of injury.

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