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Plea change in fatal motorcycle accident

Motorcycle enthusiasts often talk about the sense of freedom they feel when riding their vehicles. They also surely know of the associated risks that can come with this type of activity. The impending warm weather means that many more motorcycle riders will be taking to the open road. They have less protection than occupants of passenger vehicles, and because of this, they tend to suffer much more serious injuries if a crash occurs. This was the case in a fatal motorcycle accident here in Massachusetts a while back, and now the man being blamed has changed his plea in the criminal case against him.

The crash happened when a motorcyclist was killed after a truck driver swerved into his lane. The truck hit the motorcycle head-on and the rider died at the scene. Authorities claim that the truck driver was driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol content that was over twice the legal limit.

The family of the motorcyclist said the tragedy is particularly amplified by the fact that the victim was a recently-retired cancer survivor. The truck driver recently changed his plea to guilty of manslaughter while driving under the influence. He will be sentenced later this year and could receive up to eight years in prison.

A sad event like this one reminds Massachusetts families just how precious life can be. Anyone who is the victim, or loved one of a deceased victim, of a motorcycle accident may wish to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against any parties deemed responsible for the crash. A successfully-litigated claim may result in monetary damages that can offset the costs of this kind of accident and compensate for emotional and physical suffering.

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