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April 2019 Archives

Slip and fall leaves woman with numerous injuries

Here in Massachusetts, most businesses want to ensure that their properties are safely maintained. However, that doesn't mean that every company does its due diligence to keep people from being hurt. One woman from out of state says that this is exactly what happened to her when she suffered a slip and fall late last year. She wants the two businesses at that location held responsible for what she says was their inaction.

Auto accident can be caused by load falling off vehicle

When most people think of a car crash, they think of two vehicles hitting one another or perhaps a car crashing into a pedestrian or cyclist. Massachusetts police are warning the public that there is another dangerous cause for car crashes. This type of auto accident happens when a load being hauled by one vehicle falls off and strikes a person or another vehicle.

6-year-old boy suffers dog bite

When an animal attacks a person, it can leave everyone involved questioning exactly what happened. Was the animal to blame? Did the injured victim do anything to cause the incident? What does Massachusetts law say should happen to the animal after such a tragedy? The family of one young boy in another state is likely grappling with questions like these and many more after they say he suffered a dog bite from a neighborhood dog.


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