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6-year-old boy suffers dog bite

When an animal attacks a person, it can leave everyone involved questioning exactly what happened. Was the animal to blame? Did the injured victim do anything to cause the incident? What does Massachusetts law say should happen to the animal after such a tragedy? The family of one young boy in another state is likely grappling with questions like these and many more after they say he suffered a dog bite from a neighborhood dog.

The parents of the boy said they had left their children outside to play, not realizing any danger might be present. They heard screaming, causing the father to run back outside to determine what was happening. He says he found his 6-year-old son running away from a neighbor's dog that then jumped the boy and repeatedly bit him. The father said the boy was bleeding in several places with several bite marks on his legs.

Authorities aren't certain exactly what happened -- one report is that the dog was on a leash but got away from its owner, while another report says that the dog attacked after the little boy tripped over it. The boy's father alleges that the dog bit another neighbor in a separate incident, but that no police report was filed in that case. The police did not issue a citation since the dog was properly vaccinated and on a leash when the incident occurred.

Though no criminal charges were filed in connection with this dog bite, the family of the boy could decide to file a personal injury claim against the owner of the dog or anyone else deemed responsible for the incident. An experienced attorney can help a family navigate a traumatic time like this. Those families here in Massachusetts and elsewhere who have been affected by an animal bite have options to seek justice and should not be afraid to do so.

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