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Auto accident can be caused by load falling off vehicle

When most people think of a car crash, they think of two vehicles hitting one another or perhaps a car crashing into a pedestrian or cyclist. Massachusetts police are warning the public that there is another dangerous cause for car crashes. This type of auto accident happens when a load being hauled by one vehicle falls off and strikes a person or another vehicle.

Authorities say that this type of incident happened recently on a state highway. A pickup truck driver allegedly neglected to properly secure the ladder he was hauling. The ladder fell off of the truck and struck a man on a motorcycle, resulting in serious injury. Authorities fined the truck driver for operating with an unsecured load.

These crashes are generally preventable, police say. They warn motorists that this type of incident is punishable with a fine up to $200, and could also result in criminal charges if someone is seriously injured or killed by an unsecured load. Authorities recommend that motorists use straps or chains to secure items to vehicles that are at least half of the weight of the whole load being hauled.

Though few people have any desire to hurt someone else, the fact is that accidents still happen when people neglect to take proper precautions, such as the failure to properly secure objects on their vehicles. Anyone here in Massachusetts who has been injured in this type of auto accident may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a civil claim. Doing so may result in monetary damages that may be used to cover outstanding medical expenses or other monetary damages associated with this kind of tragedy.

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