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Slip and fall leaves woman with numerous injuries

Here in Massachusetts, most businesses want to ensure that their properties are safely maintained. However, that doesn't mean that every company does its due diligence to keep people from being hurt. One woman from out of state says that this is exactly what happened to her when she suffered a slip and fall late last year. She wants the two businesses at that location held responsible for what she says was their inaction.

The woman claims that the incident happened last year when she was shopping for Christmas with her daughter. She alleges that there is a curb behind two local businesses, a theater and a bank, that is not clearly marked. The woman says when she tripped and fell, she hit her face, causing her to lose some teeth, suffer gashes and serious bleeding from her mouth, nose, back and legs.

She also claims that local police have warned the two businesses about the curb more than once. Apparently, nothing has been done to indicate the curb is there, such as signage or painting. The curb is said to be the same color as the surrounding sidewalk, making it difficult to spot. The woman is seeking a judgment for monetary damages to cover her outstanding medical expenses and other financial losses.

Though most businesses would never want to injure potential customers or residents in the area, some still fail to maintain a safe property. Those who have been hurt in a slip and fall such as this one, or due to any kind of negligence by another party, have the option to file a civil claim. Massachusetts families should never have to suffer because of a company's failure to follow basic safety standards.

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