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Premises liability suit filed after customer injured by mannequin

Slip-and-trip hazards exist in all kinds of retail stores. Anyone who suffers an injury while out shopping might have grounds to file a personal injury claim under Massachusetts premises liability laws. These laws mandate that store owners must exercise a reasonable level of care to ensure reasonably safe premises that are free of hazardous conditions or hidden dangers.

A lawsuit was recently filed in another state following an incident in which a display mannequin in Men's Warehouse toppled over and fell on top of a customer. According to the complaint, the store was negligent in failing to anchor the bases of mannequins securely to prevent them from falling over. The plaintiff asserts that the psychological and emotional trauma she has suffered is ongoing, and so is the embarrassment, inconvenience, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

The plaintiff claims to have suffered a concussion that led to chronic migraines, dizziness, cognitive impairment, sleep difficulties, and other post-traumatic consequences of the incident. Furthermore, the damage caused to her vision needed surgical repair. Reportedly, her husband claims loss of consortium as a co-plaintiff in the case. They are seeking an unspecified amount from the defendants to cover damages.

Proving a Massachusetts retail store's legal responsibility could be challenging and such claims are usually best handled by an experienced premises liability attorney. A lawyer can assist with showing that the store owner failed to address a dangerous condition and that the defendant's failure to carry out regular inspections caused the hazard to exist, and cause injuries. The attorney can prove the relation between the plaintiff's injuries and the danger, and assist with preparing the documented list of damages and claims, which he or she can present to the court for adjudication.

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