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July 2019 Archives

Woman awarded almost $2 million in premises liability claim

People trust that when they go into a place of business here in Massachusetts, the owner or manager will ensure that it is reasonably safe for customers. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, as some businesses fail to properly address safety issues that can result in serious injury. This is what one jury recently decided in a premises liability case in another state where a woman slipped and fell in a convenience store, suffering permanent injury.

Motorcyclist suffers serious injury after auto accident

Riding a motorcycle is a popular activity at this warmer time of year. Many motorcycle enthusiasts here in Massachusetts delight in the sense of freedom they get from riding their motorbikes. However, this fun mode of transportation carries additional risks that other motorists simply do not face. Even when a motorcyclist takes all proper precautions, he or she is still susceptible to serious injury and even fatality during any kind of auto accident. A recent accident that seriously injured one motorcycle rider shows the potential danger all too well.


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