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Woman awarded almost $2 million in premises liability claim

People trust that when they go into a place of business here in Massachusetts, the owner or manager will ensure that it is reasonably safe for customers. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, as some businesses fail to properly address safety issues that can result in serious injury. This is what one jury recently decided in a premises liability case in another state where a woman slipped and fell in a convenience store, suffering permanent injury.

The incident happened a few years ago, but the ruling was just issued. A woman said that she was at the convenience store to buy sodas. A puddle of water formed in front of an ice bin and she slipped on it and fell. Her husband had to take her to an emergency room that evening where doctors found two herniated discs in her neck, a full tear in her rotator cuff, injury to her lumbar spine and nerve damage to her right wrist. She has had two surgeries with one more scheduled and also required 30 months of physical therapy, and other treatment.

The jury found the convenience store fully responsible and awarded the woman almost $2 million in damages. Apparently, the store knew that the ice bins posed a hazard, but did not warn customers about the danger, nor do anything to rectify the problem. A different customer had suffered a similar slip and fall about a year before the woman's.

Significant injuries like this woman suffered can drastically alter a person's quality of life. If a business acted negligently, leading a customer to come to harm, it should be held accountable. Here in Massachusetts, anyone who has had a similar experience can reach out to an attorney with experience litigating premises liability claims in order to see that justice is done.

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