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Teen twins on bikes injured in a vehicle accident

Though it's nearing the end of summer, lots of kids in Massachusetts are still enjoying time outdoors on their bicycles. Most parents have talked with their kids about the potential increased risk that bike riders of all ages face, but that doesn't always keep young people safe. One family is dealing with that very fact after two teenage twin boys were injured in a vehicle accident while riding their bikes.

The brothers were riding with some friends on a recent afternoon when, according to officials, they were struck by an SUV as they crossed an intersection. One brother had to be airlifted to Boston for treatment of serious injuries. The other boy went to a local hospital, but has been released.

Police are still investigating the incident and have not announced whether they believe there were any contributing factors to the accident, such as speeding or alcohol use. Authorities are attempting to use accident reconstruction to help determine exactly what occurred. The driver of the SUV remained on the scene and there is no word on whether she will face any criminal charges.

Locals to the area say that they often see cyclists riding in the neighborhood. One woman says this was the first incident where a child was struck and suffered serious injury. Many in the community report that the boys were well-known and liked by those who lived there. Understandably, the hope is that the brothers can make a full recovery.

Even if the driver of the SUV never faces criminal charges, the family of the twin boys may decide to file a civil claim against her or any other parties deemed responsible. A successfully-litigated claim could result in monetary damages for the victims or their family. Those who have been injured in a vehicle accident like this one here in Massachusetts have a right to seek justice.

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