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Premises liability: How to prevent a fall

A fall can happen to almost anyone and may result in serious injury. Sometimes, this kind of accident can happen because a business failed to take proper safety measures to keep the public safe. A slip-and-fall victim may decide to pursue a premises liability claim to offset the cost of an injury or other related expenses. However, most people hope they never have to make that choice. There are several ways to prevent falls that almost anyone can implement that may help Massachusetts residents keep themselves safe.

2 pedestrians injured in a vehicle accident

As the weather cools off, more and more people are out walking for exercise, transportation or just to have fun. Though most pedestrians are cautious when they are near traffic, they can't always count on motorists to do the same. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents since they do not have the same protection that occupants of cars have. This is what Massachusetts authorities are dealing with after two people were injured in a vehicle accident, one of them seriously.

Nearly $1.5M awarded in dental office premises liability claim

People have a reasonable expectation of safety in every place of business they encounter. This includes where they work. When an employee here in Massachusetts is injured on the job, he or she might be able to make use of workers' compensation to cover some of the costs related to the injury. However, there are times when the incident is the fault of the property owner, which could be addressed separately with a premises liability claim. This is what one out of state jury determined when they awarded a woman almost $1.5 million after she was injured by a slip and fall where she worked.


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