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2 pedestrians injured in a vehicle accident

As the weather cools off, more and more people are out walking for exercise, transportation or just to have fun. Though most pedestrians are cautious when they are near traffic, they can't always count on motorists to do the same. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents since they do not have the same protection that occupants of cars have. This is what Massachusetts authorities are dealing with after two people were injured in a vehicle accident, one of them seriously.

According to police the incident happened on a recent evening on a state route when two adults were attempting to cross the street with two children. A car apparently struck the two adults. One, a woman, suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. The other pedestrian, a man, was also injured but officials say he will recover. The children were not hurt in the crash.

Authorities say that the man driving the vehicle did not attempt to leave the scene. They have not yet charged him with any criminal offenses and it is unclear whether he may face any. There is no word on whether there were any contributing factors to the crash, such as excessive speed or impaired driving. Officials are still conducting an investigation to determine exactly what happened.

Even if the driver doesn't face any criminal charges, the victims and their families may still be able to file a civil claim against him or any other parties deemed responsible. Pedestrians injured in a vehicle accident caused by careless drivers deserve justice. An experienced personal injury attorney here in Massachusetts can assist anyone with questions about this area of the law.

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