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Nearly $1.5M awarded in dental office premises liability claim

People have a reasonable expectation of safety in every place of business they encounter. This includes where they work. When an employee here in Massachusetts is injured on the job, he or she might be able to make use of workers' compensation to cover some of the costs related to the injury. However, there are times when the incident is the fault of the property owner, which could be addressed separately with a premises liability claim. This is what one out of state jury determined when they awarded a woman almost $1.5 million after she was injured by a slip and fall where she worked.

The woman worked as a dental assistant in a medical center. According to her representatives, a few years ago, water from a leaking sprinkler system caused her to slip and fall. She said she suffered a severe back injury and needed multiple surgeries. None of them were able to fix her injury and she can no longer work.

She filed a claim in 2018 against the owner of the complex and property, as well as other parties her representatives deemed responsible for the incident. The trial lasted a little over a week and the jury decided in her favor. She was awarded $1.47 million.

If the woman in this case hadn't decided to file her civil claim, the impact on her future could have been extreme. Those who find themselves facing a similar situation, especially if they are not an employee of the place where they fell, may want to consider following her example and filing a premises liability claim. An attorney here in Massachusetts with extensive experience in this area of the law would be a valuable asset.

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