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Premises liability: How to prevent a fall

A fall can happen to almost anyone and may result in serious injury. Sometimes, this kind of accident can happen because a business failed to take proper safety measures to keep the public safe. A slip-and-fall victim may decide to pursue a premises liability claim to offset the cost of an injury or other related expenses. However, most people hope they never have to make that choice. There are several ways to prevent falls that almost anyone can implement that may help Massachusetts residents keep themselves safe.

Estimates say that senior citizens are particularly susceptible to falling, with more than three million people per year going to the emergency room because of a fall. That translates to a quarter of adults older than 65 having a fall each year. However, getting older doesn't automatically mean that a person will experience a fall. Seniors are more likely to have changes in their vision or hearing, lose flexibility or have a medical condition that makes losing one's balance more likely. Resulting injuries may be minor or very serious, including fractures to the spine or hip.

Some local agencies can help seniors assess their risk of falling by looking at the conditions around their home and give advice on potential contributing factors, such as medication or the type of shoes a person wears. Experts say that one of the best ways to prevent falling is to stay active. They also advise having a medical professional review medications and for families to check the homes of their loved ones for potential hazards.

Even with all of these precautions, if a business or company fails to have slip-and-fall prevention measures in place, a person could be very hurt on its property. Falls could result in significant medical expenses, missed income from work or other costs. The best option for Massachusetts families may be to pursue a premises liability claim by retaining an experienced attorney.

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