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Boy taken to local hospital after dog bite

People who own pets here in Massachusetts frequently treat them like members of the family. However, as much as people love their furry friends, pets can cause significant harm to people, property or even other pets. If that happens, the responsibility generally falls on the owner of the pet. This is what one pet owner is facing after a young boy in another state suffered a serious dog bite.

Authorities report that a 9-year-old boy, playing in his neighborhood, was bitten by a dog that got away from the person walking it. Police allege that the dog chased the boy and bit his arm before the boy's father was able to pull the dog away from the boy. The boy was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

The owner of the dog claims that his daughter was walking the dog when it got away from her. He says that neighborhood children were playing in his yard and his next-door neighbor's. The owner also alleges that the boy's father attacked the dog even though the dog was no longer attacking the boy. Furthermore, the owner says that the boy's father tried to get into a physical altercation with him more than once after the incident.

While police work to sort out the details, it is important to note that a dog bite can cause serious and sometimes lasting damage to a victim. Victims and their families may struggle to cover unexpected medical costs and other expenses related to the incident. It may make sense for anyone bit by an animal to file a civil claim against any responsible parties. A Massachusetts attorney with experience in handling these types of personal injury cases can be a valuable ally.

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