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Boy taken to local hospital after dog bite

People who own pets here in Massachusetts frequently treat them like members of the family. However, as much as people love their furry friends, pets can cause significant harm to people, property or even other pets. If that happens, the responsibility generally falls on the owner of the pet. This is what one pet owner is facing after a young boy in another state suffered a serious dog bite.

Wayne Newton sued in animal bite claim

People who own pets often say that they are like members of the family. While that sentiment is understandable, the fact remains that pets can still cause damage to property and other people. Massachusetts families may be interested in a recent animal bite case that made headlines. Entertainer Wayne Newton is being sued over a claim that his pet monkey bit a teenage girl who was touring his home.

Airline passenger suffers dog bite from emotional-support animal

Many people here in Massachusetts rely on emotional-support animals for comfort and other therapeutic benefits. They are often life-saving for their companions and allow their humans to do activities they might not otherwise be able to do. However, there have been some owners who misuse the "emotional-support" designation or who haven't had their animals properly trained. One man who was attacked by an emotional-support dog on a flight recently filed a civil claim against the dog's owner and the airline after he suffered a serious dog bite.

6-year-old boy suffers dog bite

When an animal attacks a person, it can leave everyone involved questioning exactly what happened. Was the animal to blame? Did the injured victim do anything to cause the incident? What does Massachusetts law say should happen to the animal after such a tragedy? The family of one young boy in another state is likely grappling with questions like these and many more after they say he suffered a dog bite from a neighborhood dog.

Animal bite: Loose dog attacks children and an adult

People here in Massachusetts who own pets generally love them and often consider them to be members of the family. Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean that domesticated animals won't ever attack anyone. An animal bite can result in serious injuries and, in extreme cases, even prove fatal. Authorities are currently investigating a case in which a dog bit several children and one adult, and they are trying to determine why the animal attacked.

Man facing multiple charges after dog bite incident

People here in Massachusetts and all over the country have pets, and usually they are considered part of the family. Pet owners might assume that their beloved pet would never hurt anyone, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Owners are expected to take responsibility for their dog or other pet if it bites someone unprovoked and causes any injury. A recent out-of-state incident highlights exactly what can happen in a dog bite case.


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